Sailability Noosa offers a fun, safe, and welcoming environment where people with disability are accepted and encouraged to participate in, and enjoy the sport of sailing. If you are looking to add an outdoor activity to your calendar then Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club has something for you. Join our community group for the sailability experience! Sailing is for everyone and Sailability is a program that offers an additional level of support, an established network of volunteers, and equipment to assist people of all abilities with disability to get into sailing. It is an international program

first introduced to Australia in the 1990’s and offered at Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club since 2010. We are celebrating our 10th year of Sailability and look forward to celebrating 2021 with you!

Sailability enriches the lives of people with disability, and provide a valuable experience for our volunteers and our community at large.


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Sailability Noosa