Adult Sailing Courses

Adult Sailing Courses

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club offers both the Yachting Australia Dinghy and KeelBoat programs.

Dinghy Program

The Adult Dinghy program offers Start Sailing levels 1 and 2 followed by Better Sailing level 3 and Race Skills levels 1 and 2.

These courses are held all year round and are scheduled on request. Sessions are offered on most days of the week and can be as single, doubles/couples or as a small group. Each lesson is typically 1.5 hours duration typically but longer sessions are available upon request. To qualify for Yachting Australia levels 1 or 2 a minimum of 4 sessions are required to obtain your certificate.

Single session (one guest + instructor) $88.00 per session (Junior $66.00)

Double/Couple session (two guests + instructor on same boat) $110.00 per session (Junior $88.00)