The Vagabond MKII 3.7m Dinghy is the sailing dinghy of choice for learning at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. With a combined sail area of 9.9 square metres (107 square feet) and 110kgs of hull weight ensuring  a stable and upright boat in all conditions with the added protection of reefing the mainsail if necessary.

The boats even have comfortable sit in seats ensuring there is no risk of falling overboard and without the need for crawling around on your knees making the Vagabond a perfect option for all ages and families. The optimum crew for this boat class is two people, though the boats can easily handle three, four or even five kids.

This class of boat was selected to run the annual Sunshine Coast Interschool Dinghy Regatta which brings together schools from across the coast in one competitive event. This has in the past attracted as many as 42 teams all of which raced in the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Clubs Vagabond sailing dinghies fleet.

Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club purchased the Vagabond moulds around 2006/7 and have been manufacturing boats for Clubs and Associations around Australia ever since. Currently NYRC has 13 Vagabonds in the Club training fleet and around 270-300 lessons are completed in this fleet of boats each week. Around 14000 lessons will be completed by the NYRC Youthsail Program this year making the program the largest of its type in Australia.

With a sail away price of $9250.00 and the only options needing consideration are Racing Sail Cloth against Club (Heavy Duty) Cloth or a Beach Launching Dolly or Road Trailer or if you would like to add a Spinnaker so it makes since to consider a Vagabond for you Club, Association or Family.

Contact the NYRC Sailing Office for further details on (07) 5440-7407