Classes Of Members:

The membership of the Association shall be open only to the persons who are of good character, conduct and reputation and shall consist of the following classes of members. The numbers of members in each class shall be unlimited

  1. Individual Member
  2. Family Member
  3. Honorary Life Member
  4. Life Member
  5. Junior Member


Any person who complies with the full qualifications for membership of the Association as set out herein and has been nominated and seconded by an individual member, life member, honorary life member or family member of the association and has been admitted as a member pursuant to these Rules and has paid the membership fee on application shall be a member of the Association. Members will have the right to participate actively in the Association's sailing and rowing events and in training or in the administration or coaching of such events or training and they will have the use of all Association facilities upon such terms and conditions as the Management Committee may from time to time determine. Until such time as their membership is accepted they must continue to sign the visitors book.


Any Two persons living together as man and wife at the same residence and who both qualify for membership of the Association as set out herein and have been admitted as members, and proposed and seconded in proper form may be accepted as "Family Members" and pay fees on application for family membership as will be determined from time to time by the Management Committee, They will have the same rights and privileges as Members. Until such time as their membership is accepted they must continue to sign the visitors book.


In consideration of outstanding services rendered to the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club Inc., Honorary Life Membership may be granted on the recommendation of the Member at a General Meeting. Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Association without payment of any further subscription and shall be considered financial members of the Association. An Honorary Life Member may be liable for special levies.


Existing Life Members shall enjoy all the privileges of a Member for life. A Life Member will be liable for special levies.


A junior member shall be a member under the age of 18 years. A Junior member shall not

  1. Be eligible for election to the Management Committee.
  2. Be entitled to vote.
  3. Be entitled to nominate a candidate for membership.
  4. Be entitled to sign in Guests to the Club.

A Junior Member shall pay such fees as are set from time to time by the Management Committee, and must be a participating member of either Youthsail or Youthrow, these being the youth activities areas of this club. Upon turning 18 a Junior Member may apply for Individual Membership. No joining fee will be applicable.


Where the Association is hosting and/or conducting an event or training in conjunction with NYRC club sporting members, with visiting guests, sailing or rowing clubs, associations or other organisations the Management Committee may by resolution deem every person or member of such visiting club, association or organisation to be a temporary member for the duration of the event, regatta or races or such other period of time the Management Committee may in its absolution discretion deem fit.


Every applicant for any class of membership of the Association shall be proposed by one member of the Association and seconded by another member. The application for membership shall be made in writing, signed by the applicant and his proposer and seconder and shall be in such form as the Management Committee from time to time prescribes.


Any persons wishing to become an Associate of the Association may do so by nominating as an Associate, paying the prescribed fees for Associateship on application, and being approved and accepted by the Management Committee. Such Associates will not have the right to vote at any meeting of the Association, nor will they have the right to enter in any sailing or rowing events organised by the Association. Nor will an Associate be entitled to the use of Association sporting equipment. Should an Associate at any time wish to upgrade to membership status, they must first be nominated and seconded in writing by current members, honorary life members, or life members, then accepted in due form by the Management Committee, and pay the appropriate fees applicable to their new status. None of the foregoing removes the right of the Management Committee to limit the number of Associates accepted, and to alter this number from time to time. Until such time as the application is approved they must continue to sign the Visitors Book.

An Associate may have his or her Associateship terminated if at any time the Management Committee determines that an Associate has acted contrary to these rules or has not comported themselves in the interest of the Association.